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Our CEO and company owner, Ana, has been featured on various podcast regarding her expertise in the accounting fields of real estate investing and small business ownership. Here is a current list of podcasts she has been featured on.



Episode 34: February 26, 2020


Today we have a friend from Leon, Mexico whose passion is the world of taxes and accounting, but with focus on advising and helping her clients when it comes to the tax issue of investments in Real Estate. She introduces to certain topics that are indispensable for any investor or future investor who wants to create their wealth and fortune in this field.

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Episode 17: May 6, 2020

The not so sexy side of real estate investing....taxes. But they aren't always a bad thing. The tax code was put in place to keep money where it belong, reward and incentivize those who legally take advantage of it. Today we talk with CPA Ana Klein about taxes, deductions and depreciation in real estate. These are super important topics as you need to know how to keep your rental income and profits with investing and take advantage of all of the tools available to you!

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Episode 8: August 28, 2020

This week we interview Real Estate Investor, CPA and Tax/Advisor/Accountant Rockstar Ana Klein! Ana has been making the rounds on many popular podcasts including BiggerPockets and others to share her knowledge with Real Estate Investors. I ask Ana how best to set-up a business and what accounting software passive investors should use. WWE talk about the benefits of investing in real estate, the tax benefits of cost segregation studies, paper loses, carrying over paper loses and much more.

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Episode 44: August 29, 2020

Ana Klein, real estate CPA, teaches important information about how taxes work when you're house hacking. There's a big difference between an investment property you don't live in, a property you live in but don't house hack and a property you house hack in. Listen to this episode to learn about the tax considerations you need to know about when house hacking!

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