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About The Team That Helps You Save



Ana is the CEO and owner of AKK Tax and Accounting. With over 10 years of accounting experience she spearheads the organization.


Ana has been featured on various podcasts regarding her expertise in the specialty of real estate investing and small business sectors of accounting. Ana has always aspired to be an entrepreneur, and at the age of 28, she was fortunate enough to open her own practice.


Her mission is to assist and educate business owners on the importance of understanding their finances and applicable tax laws. As a fellow entrepreneur, Ana has an understanding and compassion for fellow real estate investors and business owners. This has made her mission to educate others about the Internal Revenue code more fulfilling.

Early in her career, Ana realized the amazing benefits that the Internal Revenue Code had for real estate investors and decided to become an investor herself and use the code. However, she also realized that REI was completely different than any other niche and decided to learn as much as she could and share it with you!.

This is why she specializes in real estate tax planning and preparation.


She lives by her quote

"If you are not playing the game you are losing!"

Accounting degree:

​University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Zaysha has been with AKK since day 1 back in 2016. And since then has been a pivotal member of the company. 


Her experience and educational background in accounting help aid our company's clients through the onboarding process. 


Zaysha's attention to detail has not only helped our clients but has also helped increase the efficiency in our company. Zaysha is an expert in Quickbooks and personal tax preparation. 

After seeing the tax and wealth benefits of REI, in 2021, Zaysha purchased her first property in Wisconsin.


Accounting degree:

​University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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